May 2006 Newsletter

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Brief Update

This year is certainly flying by. We just celebrated my baby's 13th birthday and then school is going to be over in just a few days. WOW!!! Where does the time go?

Things have been a bit crazy around here… but then again, when are they not? Hubby went in yesterday for surgery on his right arm (only 2 hours for this arm vs. 4 hours for the left arm back in March). He is all drugged up on the morphine drip they gave him, so I am going to try to get this newsletter done. hehe…

I hope all of you are having a great time creating. I have had so many new customers this year. I want to say thank you to all of you who have spread the word about thingamajigz and for all of you who have continually returned to the store as well.

Some of you I have gotten to know better than others, but all of you are truly a blessing. Thank you for all of your kind words and inspiration through this year.

I have a few new ideas up my sleeve, so be on the lookout for the upcoming June newsletter.

Design Team

I am still looking for design team members as well. I will not start sending the kits out until September due to the fact our summers are usually quite active and I want to make sure that all of you who become a designer are able to join in. I have 4 more spaces to fill. If interested, please email me at and use topic design team. Send at least 3 pieces of your work for me to view in email along with some of your experience. I will be choosing the final 4 at the end of June. First kits will be shipped on July 1st. I realize we have tried to kick this off before, but it has not worked, so NOW is the time. We are going to get this off the ground. PLEASE do not be afraid to send in your work.


If you have already created something using items from my store, please feel free to send those in as well. I am creating a customer idea gallery and each item in the store will have a little lightbulb beside it if there is a sample of how to use it. Your name will of course be beside your work for full credit.

May Sales & Clearance

All stickers are as low as 99 cents right now. CHECK IT OUT!!! Shaker bubbles are included on that page as well. Must see!!!

Funny Money (all themes) are marked down to 75c for 2 bills…

Also, I just posted several new creations in my E-bay store. I would love to hear your feedback on these.

My Links:

thingamajigz Home Page

My E-bay Page

My Blog Page

My Art Gallery

My New Fave 5:

1. Izabella

2. Beth Lowe

3. Jenny Bird

4. My Little Kitchen Fairies

5. Shell Show (I am in LOVE with these turtles!!!



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  1. wow Tia!!! what an honour to be on your top 5 list!!! gosh, amazed & speechless, thank you sooo much, you’re too sweet!

    is life crazy for you these days?! it is in my house šŸ™‚
    xoxoxoxooxxoxo ~Izabella

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