UGH!!! It has been so crazy around here I have not had time to write. My dear daughter has been gone all week and I have been busy preparing for an art show coming up. I am sooo excited. It is my first ever SHOW and so I am totally flipping out hoping that my stuff is good enough. I guess if the jury said yes, then it must be… hehe….

The actual show is not until July, so I still have time to prepare stuff, but I have been getting into the studio each day and working away. I will post all of the goodies once I have a chance to get them all scanned and sized for the website.

More good news… I weighed in this week and have lost more weight. I am now down 12 full pounds!!! YAHOO!!! The meetings are such a blast and my coach is sooo awesome and funny. I can tell a huge difference in the way I feel and that is the most important part for me.

We just attended my little nieces 6th birthday party and we got there a little early because I wanted to visit with the kids as I have not seen them in awhile. Anna is 8, Lizzy just turned 6, and Will is going to be 3 soon. So when I arrived they were playing with clay. My daughter made a catepillar and then Anna says, "Oh, lets create the life stages of the butterfly." OMG!!! So she created a larvae and a cocoon. Then of course you have Emily's catepillar. And the kids said, "Aunt Tia has to make the butterfly." So I did. Here is what we ended up with… We were on limited time by then, so it was quick, but we had a blast. 🙂 Click for a larger pic…


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Doing the happy dance!!!

OMG!!! I am so freaking out!!! I just got back from my meeting and I lost 8 lbs this week. I thought I had royally screwed up yesterday because I ran and grabbed some breakfast before seeing my bookkeeper. How did I know there were 18 points in a freakin breakfast burrito!!! OMG. But I told myself that I know I had at least still done 5 pounds. I actually had to stand up and say what I was doing in front of everyone. I said that I know the biggy for me is the fact that I am drinking 74 oz of water everyday whereas before I was drinking about 74 oz of PEPSI everyday. I am sooo excited. I got this red bookmark looking thing that says "I lost 5 lbs" and on the bottom it has a -8. I don't think they have lb by lb so they had to give me the closest thing. I am going to attach it to my t-shirt that I got and keep all my "prizes" on there. hehe… SOOOOOOOO HAPPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Creepy Guy or just Coincidence???

Okay so about a week ago I was home alone during the afternoon and someone knocks on the door. I had just let the dogs outside so the dogs did not hear the knock and go into spastic barking fits. I peeped thru the hole and saw 2 guys standing there. I will not open the door to anyone when I am home alone, particularly males. So, I said, "Yes. Can I help you?" "Uh yeah, your neighbor sent us down here. We were just showing them some new glass cleaner and they said you might be interested." Yeah what a ploy!!! I said no thanks.

And he said, "Well, just watch this." I am still watching thru the peephole mind you. He sprays something out of a generic looking bottle onto our glass screen window and then rubs it off. "See, no streak marks. And watch this (gets mouth close up to screen and fogs it up with his breath) no marks left there! So what do you think? Do you want some?"

ME: "No, thank you. I am not interested."

HIM: "Oh, why not?"

ME: "I am just not interested and I am busy right now. Have a nice day."

HIM: "Oh… I see, your in there having a little fun huh. Well, we will let you two go and have your fun. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Okay after that lewd remark I am flipping. I call Chris and he says to call the police. So I did. An officer showed up on my doorstep about 15 minutes later and said he had just talked to the "men" and they said that they understood I was not interested and had just said, "Have a nice day!" but I don't believe that was all there was too it just by the way they were acting.

I proceeded to tell him what had said and done and he told me that they had had to leave anyway because they did not have a license to sell here in Moore.

Fast Forward to News at 10 last nite… Several homes in the Moore area have been broken into. In one of the homes, the guy stole the womans checkbook and they had him on video in the bank attempting to cash the check. Well, I have to say he looked JUST LIKE THAT A$$H@LE that came knocking on my door. So they give you a number to call if you have any information to share. Hubby said to share it. I called this morning and the investigator did not seem to care really. He said, "Okay, thanks. I will make a note of that." Like oh okay… whatever…

So now I have the dogs inside with me (it's getting too darn hot outside anyway for them to be out running around). Kinda creepy though to think… what if???

Oh and on a side note… I snuck on the scales this morning just to see how I am doing before I go weigh in tomorrow… I am down 6.6 lbs from last FRIDAY!!!  ((DOING THE HAPPY DANCE))

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Tra-la-la-la-la… Sing a happy song!!!

No, its not the antidepressants that have me so high…although with my awesome doc I think I finally have a pretty good combination of medications to balance me out. But the main reason I am bouncing off the walls today is because… (drum roll please)… I joined Weight Watchers today. Now I know for some people this may not seem like a big ta-doo. But for me… it is. I have been fighting my weight ever since my teen years. And for the 4 years that I have been married, it has only gotten worse. I have gained 10… yes I said 10… pounds per year!!! A few days ago I stepped on the scale and the number was the highest I had ever seen in my life. I had always said to myself, "I will NEVER reach THAT weight. I would rather DIE first." Well, I stepped on there and it read (I am only sharing this with you because you know I have to be honest with myself too) 312 lbs. I could not believe it!!! I just started bawling. See, hubby got me something for Christmas 2005 that I had been asking for, a Y membership. And have I been taking advantage of that? No… only about once a month have I been going to swim. Well, what good does that do??? So the reality of all of this hit me the other day. I have been thinking of gastric bypass or the lap band, but I know that it does no good if I am not psychologically ready for it. And the fact that I am an EMOTIONAL eater as well as a BOREDOM eater… Well, that certainly says NO NO NO!!! The surgery would not work for you. Now pull your head out of your @$$ and do something about it.

So I looked up meeting times and there was only a 10 am here today and one later in the evening, like 5:30 here in my town. Well, I had to go then otherwise I may find some other way to PROCASTINATE!!! So I looked up Norman and drove to their 12pm meeting. It was sort of chaotic at first and I was soooo nervous being in there. I had filled out my info for them and was standing there while the others got weighed in and this and that. Finally, I got up there and gave her my info and all that. She told me about the plans and I knew I wanted to do the 12 week plan so that it actually comes out cheaper for me in the end.

The funny thing was at the meeting… my "coach" Shelly put up a quote on the board at the end of the meeting. And oddly enough it was:

Human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes.

I found this slightly amusing considering the type of art that I do is "altered" art. Now I just need to ALTER myself. 🙂 Sounds good to me. Maybe I should collage myself too… at least then I would never have to pay for clothes again. Hmmm…. what a concept. Okay… I am getting goofy now. Better head for beddy bye… Niter nites peeps.

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