UGH!!! It has been so crazy around here I have not had time to write. My dear daughter has been gone all week and I have been busy preparing for an art show coming up. I am sooo excited. It is my first ever SHOW and so I am totally flipping out hoping that my stuff is good enough. I guess if the jury said yes, then it must be… hehe….

The actual show is not until July, so I still have time to prepare stuff, but I have been getting into the studio each day and working away. I will post all of the goodies once I have a chance to get them all scanned and sized for the website.

More good news… I weighed in this week and have lost more weight. I am now down 12 full pounds!!! YAHOO!!! The meetings are such a blast and my coach is sooo awesome and funny. I can tell a huge difference in the way I feel and that is the most important part for me.

We just attended my little nieces 6th birthday party and we got there a little early because I wanted to visit with the kids as I have not seen them in awhile. Anna is 8, Lizzy just turned 6, and Will is going to be 3 soon. So when I arrived they were playing with clay. My daughter made a catepillar and then Anna says, "Oh, lets create the life stages of the butterfly." OMG!!! So she created a larvae and a cocoon. Then of course you have Emily's catepillar. And the kids said, "Aunt Tia has to make the butterfly." So I did. Here is what we ended up with… We were on limited time by then, so it was quick, but we had a blast. 🙂 Click for a larger pic…


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  1. Just had to come take a peek…hehe…An artshow! So way cool for you!! I can’t wait for that day to come about for me…seems out of reach…Gotta stay positive and just concentrate on now…Congrats to you!..I wish you lots of sales!!! and Congrats on the weight loss that is so fabulous! Good for you girl!!! 🙂
    That birthday looked like alot of fun…playing right along with the kids..hehe

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  3. Haven’t stopped by for awhile, just wanted to say hi & catch up on what you have been doing!

    xo ~Bella

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