Drip… Drip… Drip…

So we finally decide on a guy to put our new roof up.  Monday was a holiday… Tuesday the deliver all the goods… Wednesday rain… Thursday is the big day!!! I am sooo excited.  I get up and head off to my water aerobics class and they are already tearing the roof apart.  The head honcho has told us 1 full day is what it will take.  I see 8 or 9 people on our roof and they are just ripping it up.  A couple of hours later I come home and they are now at lunch (around 12).  I sit down to have a bite to eat and I notice it is getting dark outside, but they are still working away, so I figure we are fine.  I did go out once and chew some ass though.  They were just chucking shingles into my flower bed and my hostas were getting smushed!!!  

Well, 2pm rolls around and I hear them scurrying around trying to get the tarp down.  BOOM!!!!  BOOOOOOM!!!!  BOOM!!!  They are chunking the shingle packages on top of the tarp.  I swear I thought someone or something was going to come thru our roof at any moment.  

So now it is POURING down rain.  Hubby says, "I hope they put that tarp down well so we don't get any leaks."  Fifteen minutes later, Emily walks in and says, "Ummm… is there a leak in my ceiling or is someone playing a game on me?"  We walk into her bedroom and there is water just pouring out thru her ceiling fan/light fixture.  OMG!!! I am soooo freaking out at this point.  I am trying to move anything out of the way that could possibly get messed up.  We grabbed buckets from Chris' shop and used those to catch the water.  

We go looking around the house to see if there are any other water spots or leaks appearing.  The garage has 5 BIG water spots.  I am thinking… OMG!!! All of Chris machine shope stuff…  AARRGGHH!!!  My studio is of course seperate from the house and I know the ceiling on it is good. Still, I check in just in case. 

Well, around 30 mins or so later the rain has slowed and the foreman and his guys are back. Chris goes out and talks to the guy.  He comes in and takes a look and calls the big boss.  The big boss has been a great guy to deal with over the phone thus far, so I figure we will have no problem getting this taken care of.  Sure enough, within the hour he has a contractor here to take a look at the damage that has been done.  The "big guy" from the roofing company is going to pay to get those areas fixed.  

Then today (24 hours later), I walk outside and am packaging up items to ship.  Chris is outside with the dogs and says, "Honey, what happened to the side of your roof?"  WHAT!!!!  OMG!!!  Apparently the dingleberrys chunked something off of our house roof and hit my building with it.  Where it hit was a metal strip that runs down the siding on the corner.  They dented that and pushed one of my shingles up as well.   Oooohhh!!! It has been a tough 24 hours, let me say!!!  I called my mom and I was just bawling.  All I could think of was OUR HOUSE!!!  I cannot imagine not having it.  I mean I know we want to move to something bigger and nicer soon, but in the meantime it is HOME!!!  

So anyway, the "big guy" is supposed to come and take a look at the finished job tomorrow or Monday.  Chris was on the roof after the guys left too and noticed they stepped on one of the vents and just left it that way.  MORONS!!!  So I don't know what they will do about that.   All I can say is that I am happy we have a new roof so if a tornado does come or hail or anything major happens, I know it is not  the old roof and the chances are better that we will not have any problems with it blowing shingles into the yard like last round.  

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