Studio clean up…

Well, it has been awhile since I posted. With hubby home from surgery and daughter home for summer is kind crazy around here. I have been busy cleaning out the studio all day today. Eliminating, organizing, and just trying to figure out "where the heck does this go???". How do I have my stuff organized? Well, I have 3 little "tool drawer" shelves that hold all of my small gadgets. Each drawer is numbered for now, but will have a name on it later. Right now the # coincides with a number in the notebook I have on my desk.

Then for my large 12×12 sheets and other color sheets I have a stacking drawer system. I I like the ROY G BIV system personally. For those of you who are not familiar with that, it is the spectrum of the rainbow colors ~

Drawer 1 R= Reds and pinks

2 O= Oranges and hues of oranges

3 Y= Yellow, ochres

4 G= Greens, limes, etc…

5 B= Blues, turqoise, aqua, etc…

6 I= Indigo (which for me I place all of my purpleish sheets in this drawer and then I use the V drawer for something else… read below…)

7 V= should stand for violet… however as stated above, I use my "I" for all of my violets. This "V" drawer is for all of my vintage looking stuff, browns, sepias, and dreamy cream vintage looking stuff…

and then of course I have an 8th drawer that is not on the rainbow spectrum, but a necessity none the less…

8 = black ~ solid black, checkered black, striped black… you get the picture…

Next I have a filing system by theme for all of my angels, fairys, bugs, travel, love, dictionary cutouts, etc… And those are just plain manila folders in ABC order in a filing cabinet. Sometimes I don't know which category to put something in, but usually I can figure it out.

Rubberstamps, things to alter, and all of my other goodies like that are in a cabinet or on a shelf waiting to be used. Up in my loft I have a huge tub full of fabric… what I am going to do with it… I have no idea just yet. I need to do something with it. hehe….

Taking the rubberstamp thing one step further, I decided today that I am going to take all of my unmounted stamps and put them into old VCR tape cases (the ones that "clamp" close. First I stamped the image onto a 3×5 card with the title and who it is by (such as Scratchy Numbers by thatstoreoverthere) and then put each of the stamps into the case (several will fit in one). I then numbered the case and named it and then I can go thru my little 3×5 deck to find my stamp I want.

Ink colors I did the same thing with. I stamped the ink on a 3×5 with the name and brand it is and then filed it into my 3×5 deck (once again using the ROY G BIV system). This way I won't repurchase the pad, only the ink refiller.

That's not everything in the studio. Alot is in shoebox tubs like glitters, twinkling H20, a tub full of birds and nests that I got, etc… But for now it is all numbered in the notebook so I can at least find it.

Boy do I sound OCD??? LOL… Hubby says I am becoming that way. I am actually just wanting to get things organized. I feel so good inside right now… exercising, losing weight, and taking good care of my body… I guess now I want the outside to express that too. πŸ™‚

Would love to hear feedback on how you organize your goodies…

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend.


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  1. travel

    Thingamajigz has a nice post about a travel to manila.

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  3. I love your system and would LOVE to see a picture πŸ™‚

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