Mothers Day full of Fairies & Fun…

   What a beautiful Mothers Day.  Not only was it my day, it was my daughters birthday!!!  Thirtheen years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who is now a beautiful young woman!  WOW!!! Time flies!!!  It was  a great day.  We woke up and went to breakfast / lunch as a family and then came back to the house.  There I discovered a couple of nice green packages with beautiful green ribbons.  Those I have come to recognize as gift wrap.  hehe I open the first one and it is "Fairie-ality" from the House of Ellwand.  If you have not seen this book, it is a must!!!  This man, David Ellwand, has taken all of these items from nature and turned them into fairy clothing.  OMG!!! IT IS GORGEOUS!!! Then to top it all off, David has a new book out called "Cinderlily" and I got that one too.  Attached were the cutest little cards and a pic from the book… The cards read:  "For that extra flight of fancy" and "To the sprite in my life"… AWWW!!!!  Needless to say, I was just in awe.  I hope all of my "mommy" friends had a beautiful day. Here are a few off the top of my head:

Izabella and her beautiful children

Becky and her beautiful children,

Stacie and her big boy Scout (love the wagon picture)

Kim and her son AJ 

and Mary and her son…

God Bless all the mothers out there… including my own. 🙂  Love you, Mom!!! 



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  1. oh my gosh…. You sweet thing you!!! how precious you are!! and Happy Belated Mother’s Day to you!! 🙂


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