Okay, I have finally been tagged.  And here I thought I was safe  and sound hiding in my little corner.  Wellhere ya go:

In my fridge:

~skim milk

~green olives


~3 T-bones I have seasoned for tonite (Mothers Day and my daughters 13th birthday)

~filtered water

In my closet: 


~shoes galore

~my favorite India style skirts

~light, soft India style shirts

~old yearbooks

In my purse:

~my WW books



~some little tag I found on the ground for my altered art

~buttloads of change that need to be emptied out

In my car: 

~affirmation post its

~"7 habits of highly effective people" … to re-read when I have nothing to do 

~CD's (Evanescence, Plumb, Natasha Beddingfield, Cher, and Daniel Powter)
~a little sketch journal (in case I forget mine and need something to doodle in

~an angel air oil refill air freshener hanging from my mirror

Now to think of 5 peeps I know who have not been tagged… hmmm…

Michelle ~ http://fromichelle.blogspot.com/ 

Becky ~ http://beckychristian.com


Mary Haldeman

my lil sista Tillie



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