Depression & Inspiration…

Today was one of my down days. Well, really the past 2 days have been. I have not left the house, stayed in my jammmies. I hate depression. It is so hard when there is so much I want to do. I have tried to do some art, but only small stuff. This morning after hubby left, I journaled as I am trying to do each day. But I ended up just lost in my own words, not really knowing what I wanted to write. Kind of like right now. After I was done, I just started drawing. I don't normally draw because I am not trained in it and don't think that I am very good. I can do basic shapes and that is it. Hubby had got me a couple of puzzles awhile back, Helena Nelson-Reed, and I was looking at her work. It was just so amazing and inspirational that I decided to try my hand at an "imitation piece". So here you go. Done in colored pencils. Not the best, but not too shabby I don't think. Her eyes are just HUGE. But it was a good, relaxing exercise for me. Click on the little pic to see the big pic…

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Treasures & Tornados

So here is how my day went… spent the morning packaging and shipping and knew I was going to meet my friend Adrianne to go check out that awesome little shop where she got the buttons for me (see April 11). Had some time to spare so I began working on some wishing wands that I had seen and thought were so cool I just had to create some myself.Finally 245 pm comes and Emily and I leave to go meet Adrianne. Had to stop at Taco Hell because I was having caffiene withdrawls and she had the after school munchies. Opens her taco in the car and spills everything out of the taco. Sour cream all over the cute little black skirt. Wants to run home because she cannot be seen this way. Mommy finds water bottle in back of car and gives it to Emily to clean her skirt off with. Suck it up. We gotta run.

Arrive at AWESOME ANTIQUE PLACE a little after 3 and think Adrianne has given up on me because I do not see her car anywhere. Oh NO!!! But she calls and says she is on her way. Phew!!! She arrives wearing awesome boiler hat and new leather boots she just got in New Orleans with skull buckles on them. Sooooo awesome!!! So we step in and it is rather warm inside but bearable (at first). I could not believe all of the STUFF in here. Here are a few of the things that really caught my eye…

a giant bullfrog in a jar, looked as though he had been pickled there way back when

a Susie Homemaker stove from the 1950's I am guessing, still had the cloth plug and all

a life size goose with its wings spread wide. Considered it for the studio until I saw the price ($123)… plus, where would I put it

a bag full of something that appeared interesting at first… I opened it to find fur pellets (I guess that what you would call them, fur attached to some sort of material). I was thinking rabbit fur and then I turned it over and it said CAT. OMG!!! I was freaking out!!!

tons and tons more goodies that I cannot even begin to name. I am going to have to go again some day when I have the time to just browse around without Emily saying Look over here Mom. hehe.

However, Mommy did manage to find a few little treasures. Here they are. Here is the Birdseye Flash Camera. I have no idea of the age of this thing nor what I will do with it yet… but it is still awesome!!! Brought it home and hubby says… "I wonder if there is flash in it." I thought OH WOW… How awesome would that be. He opened it and no such luck. But it is in excellent condition and appears to just need a bit of cleaning. And uses 260 film I think he said. Not that I plan to take photos with it. It will probably go into one of my assemblage pieces.

Next is a little bronzed shoe I found. It has the number 1577 on it. I can tell it was once a real childs shoe by the fact that the bronzing has worn off on the top and you can see the "cloth" or leather of the actual shoe. Wonderful little $1.00 item!!!

And lastly is a beautiful hairpin I found in this basket of jewelry. It has 2 poodles kissing. So cute and so feminine. Another $1.00 item!!!


and here is a detailed view of the poodles…

 So all in all… yes it was a fabu day. Then… I got home. UH OH!!! Felt this weird sensation in the air all the way home and began thinking about tornadoes. I am not ready for another tornado. I have only been in one in the 4 years I have been here and it was not pleasant at all. I was scared to death. If you know anything about Moore, Oklahoma… you know it is TORNADO ALLEY. So we have this deal right now where I am teaching Emily to cook. She made tuna casserole tonight and then we were all outside playing with the dogs. Suddenly darkness begins looming over us. Here is a pic of what I was looking at

Looks kind of pretty until you realize a tornado could be just behind it. Well, we were lucky tonight. It ended up just being severe thunderstorms for us. But other areas did get hit. 😦 Its so scary.

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Heartaches to Relieve the Headaches…

aarrgghh!!! My head is pounding. I think its nearly 90 degrees or more!!! Drove over to Norman today and did an inventory of Michaels. Found a few cute little things. Wanted some scroll rubberstamps but did nto find the ones I want until I got to the "childrens" stamps. 99c a piece!!! WOO HOO!!! So here are the 2 pieces I did last weekend. Finally found my camera and took the pics. Yes I do tend to lose things. hehe…I am just putting a thumbnail here, but if you click you can see the BIG PICTURE.

If Only…

The Burden
Also, I got the most gorgeous ACEO prints from my friend "Izabella"

She does some of the most gorgeous work on Ebay!!! Check her out!

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Peace & Quiet

Ahh… peace and quiet. Hubby is back at work full time now after his surgery, Emily is off to school, and I can just clear my mind for a bit. I have been thinking about different pieces to create for the upcoming Arts Fest. I know my little collage necklaces sold well on E-bay so I think I am going to do some of those too. That way I can have a wide range in prices as well, something for everybody's budget.

Tonight Emily and I went to the Y to swim. It was so great. We were laughing and playing around, competing to see who could stay under water the longest swimming from one end to the other. The only thing about this new Y is the pool size for normal depth is rather small so it was kind of crowded sometimes. Nonetheless, her and I had a blast.

One problem though… I went to put on one of my swimsuits and realized it was nearly see-thru in the back. I guess I had really worn it out last year. So I dug around and all I could find was a couple of different 2 pieces that Chris convinced me to get a couple of years ago. The thing is I have put on so much weight. I was embarrased. I put a t-shirt on over it, but I was still uncomfortable until I got in the water.

You have to understand… if I did not love water so much, I would not be caught dead in the Y pool. I am 5' 6" and have just hit this big ugly number that starts with 3 and ends in 00 and I am so disgusted with myself right now. I keep saying I am gonna do this, I am gonna lose weight… I have this darn gym membership, but my panic attacks keep me from going out as much as I would like. I want so badly to just kick myself out of the house, make myself go. I hate going alone too I guess. But anyway, tonite I spoke to the guy in the fitness room and he said they have an orientation tomorrow nite for the fitness room things. It is all computerized so you have a personal trainer show you how to use everything the first time and then the computer tells you what to do after that. You just slide your card in and go. SOOOOOOOOO… if you are reading this, will you please give me a good kick in the @$$ and email me and say, HEY GET OFF YOUR @$$ and GO WOMAN!!! Seriously though, if anyone is looking to lose weight and would like a penpal, write me. Okay!!! Its 2:01 am now and my brain is still reeling. But I know I better hit the hay. Niter nites to all!!!


You Are Fall!

What Season Are You?

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Rotten Eggs!!!

Happy Easter!!! Well, we survived another Easter. I had it all planned out in my head. See, I have this one memory in my head that really sticks out from my childhood. It was before my sister was born, before my mother became an alcoholic, before my life became chaotic. I was about 6 years old. I woke up that Easter morning and my mom had hidden my Easter goodies all over the place. I remember looking behind the couches, in cabinets, etc. Well, I thought it was the coolest thing. Then she made this delicious fried chicken and my mom, dad, and I went to the park. I have this picture in my head of my mother pushing me around on the merry go round and laughing like mad. These are what I call my "flashbulb" memories. They come to me in a little flash and then they are gone. Some of them reappear over and over.

Anyway, my point is… I wanted to kind of recreate that Easter today. I was going to make chicken, go to the park. We were going to shoot off water bottle rockets since the burn ban is still on and we cannot shoot our real rockets at this time. So Emily wants to know if her sweetheart can join us. Normally I would not mind as Cody is like my adopted son. However, I wanted today to be "just family" since the only thing we ever do with Chris (hubby) is go to dinner. So it ends up being this huge discussion where Chris talked on and on for a good 30 minutes about responsibilities and blah blah blah and more blah blah blah… And by then I was just so sick of hearing the whole thing I said forget it. I went and sat out in my studio and cried.

When I came back in, Emily asked if we were still going and I said no, not to the park. Chris suggested mexican food and since they had closed early, we ended up going to a buffet. So happy happy Easter!!! AARRGGHH!!!

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Studio Saturday

What a wonderful day. I spent 90% of the day (noon to 11pm) in the studio working on a couple of different pieces. My inspiration was the words I found on some of my vintage piano roll paper. One read ~The Burden Was Mine to Bear~ and the other read ~I Would Give Everything I Own if Only~. I am applying for the Arts Festival here at the Community College which takes place over Labor Day weekend (4 days in all). It is a huge deal here, 1000's of people come. It will be my first show and it is juried so I am praying I get in. Becky told me today that sometimes there is so much painting and "regular" type art there that they might want to have mine since it is different. She always has good things to say, and just when I need to hear them too. Thanks, Becky 🙂 I will get the pics posted as soon as I can.

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My 1st Self Portrait Tuesday

First a note to say thanks to my dear friend Dee who said I should be part of Self Portrait Tuesday. So here is my mugshot… hehe… I must have been about 3 or 4. Looking forward to seeing what else I can come up with each week…

Glad to finally a moment to sit down and write it all down. Feeling kind of in a funk today. Lonely. Don't know what that's all about. But I hate it terribly. I did have one wonderful thing happen to me today. There is a little cafe that I frequent and my favorite waitress had told me awhile back that she found some thing for me. She is the artistic type and I am hoping someday we can get together and play in my studio. She is sort of a Siouxsie Sioux look alike, without all the eyeliner. Anyway, talk about a treasure trove… she brought me this little box full of buttons. These are not however just your normal run of the mill buttons. These have clocks on them and… well here is a pic. They are just awesome. I offered to pay for them, but she insisted I take them. WOW!!! Aren't they awesome!!!

And lastly, here is a piece I just finished. I am not usually one for the glittery stuff so I cannot decide if I like it or hate it. But I will post it anyway… I think I am just going to hang onto it because I really want to use this photo again on another piece…hopefully something I will end up loving. I am of course my worst critic. Tell me what YOU think... email me The background on the right side is piano paper that says "In that mystical land of dreams"

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Can’t Get No R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!

Where are the parents??? So Emily and I are riding over to the PO and decided to stop and get iced mocha lattes. Yummy!!! We are sitting there and I look over at the park and notice there are 3 girls standing in the "outhouses" there at the park. They start throwing toilet paper EVERYWHERE and it begins flying across the parking lot over to the nearby nursing home as well as all over the park. No one else is there, so I take it upon myself (after I get my latte of course) to talk to them.

They see me coming and run over to the slides. Like I did not notice that. DUH! So I calmly walk over to the slides and ask, "What do you think you are doing?" They give me this blank stare realizing they did not do a good job of hiding and that I am not here to find my lost puppy. I said, "I saw you throwing all of that toilet paper all over the place. Now I think it's time for you to go and clean it up." Not a word is said as they walk by. Just an evil look from one of them. They quickly clean all of the paper up by the stalls, just dumping it into the pots in there. AARRGGHH!!! They stop and look at me as if I should be bowing to them for doing what I asked. Instead I look over at the paper still flying all over the parking lot and said, "I think you have some more to do." They run like heck across the parking lot trying to catch it. One girl seems kind of scared while the other 2 are taking it as a joke. One appeared 15-16 and the other 2 were maybe 12-13 (my daughters age).

Upon their return I asked them, "Why did you do this?"

"We were just trying to have a little fun."

I told them next time they needed to find a better way to have fun than polluting the park. They walked off… I drove off… and before returning home from the PO I drove by again. They were gone. I just could not believe that these girls were doing this. And laughing about it. Where are the parents??? My daughter was quite impressed. Though she did say, "Thank goodness they don't go to my school." hehe

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