What A Day!!!

WOW!!! What a day this has been. It was hubbys birthday and for some reason I had it in my head it was tomorrow… OOPS!!! Nonetheless, we did go to Staples and get some goodies and then grocery shopping and dinner with DD afterwards as well as dessert. I finished my Easter eggs for my ACEO's and got about 50 of the easter fairies with their eggs. I had created 66 eggs, but I don't know that I am going to use all of them. I guess I need to look thru all of my images and then I am sure I will get a matchup for those. And then there are some that I think are just so so. Maybe once I get the backgrounds on and all that jazz I will like them. But there are a few I am not so keen on right now. Plus I am collecting egg quotes and may use some of those. My goal is to have all of them up on E-bay on Sunday. My muse is in full blown gear right now. heheh… I could have stayed out in the studio all night but my tootsies were getting too cold.

So excited about tomorrow. I am meeting Diane at Panera. She is a customer but has become a friend. We try to get together once a month and share whatever we have created. She is an awesome artist!!!

Totally wore my back out grocery shopping today. It was around 3pm and I had only had coffee and my meds all day. I started getting the shakes, my stomach was rumbling, my back was killing me, and hubby was telling me how to shop. hahah!!! We did not even get done because I was in so much pain I had to leave the store. AARRGGHH!!! Hate when that happens. Came home and took a pain pill and laid down for about 10 minutes when the muse kicked in. Then off to dinner and the dessert treat. Came home and went out to the studio from about 8- almost 1. YEE HAH!!! Got alot done.

Anyway, it is after 1 now and I need my beauty sleep so I can be presentable tomorrow. hehe. Niter nites!!!

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Big Strong Shoulders to Lean On

So hubby went to the doc for post op check up today. He heals quickly according to the doc. Last Friday he had to have bone spurs removed from his shoulder blade and work done on his torn rotator cuff. Today they removed the bandages to reveal 3 small staples, one on the front, back and side of his arm. Then on top of his shoulder there was a row of 12 staples. I have to say I personally thought it was pretty interesting looking. He was soooo relieved to have the bandages off and be able to take a shower again. He has to return again in 10 days and they will remove the staples. I got some pics but have not been able to download them yet. Don't look if you have a week stomach. hehe.

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