UGH!!! It has been so crazy around here I have not had time to write. My dear daughter has been gone all week and I have been busy preparing for an art show coming up. I am sooo excited. It is my first ever SHOW and so I am totally flipping out hoping that my stuff is good enough. I guess if the jury said yes, then it must be… hehe….

The actual show is not until July, so I still have time to prepare stuff, but I have been getting into the studio each day and working away. I will post all of the goodies once I have a chance to get them all scanned and sized for the website.

More good news… I weighed in this week and have lost more weight. I am now down 12 full pounds!!! YAHOO!!! The meetings are such a blast and my coach is sooo awesome and funny. I can tell a huge difference in the way I feel and that is the most important part for me.

We just attended my little nieces 6th birthday party and we got there a little early because I wanted to visit with the kids as I have not seen them in awhile. Anna is 8, Lizzy just turned 6, and Will is going to be 3 soon. So when I arrived they were playing with clay. My daughter made a catepillar and then Anna says, "Oh, lets create the life stages of the butterfly." OMG!!! So she created a larvae and a cocoon. Then of course you have Emily's catepillar. And the kids said, "Aunt Tia has to make the butterfly." So I did. Here is what we ended up with… We were on limited time by then, so it was quick, but we had a blast. 🙂 Click for a larger pic…


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Drip… Drip… Drip…

So we finally decide on a guy to put our new roof up.  Monday was a holiday… Tuesday the deliver all the goods… Wednesday rain… Thursday is the big day!!! I am sooo excited.  I get up and head off to my water aerobics class and they are already tearing the roof apart.  The head honcho has told us 1 full day is what it will take.  I see 8 or 9 people on our roof and they are just ripping it up.  A couple of hours later I come home and they are now at lunch (around 12).  I sit down to have a bite to eat and I notice it is getting dark outside, but they are still working away, so I figure we are fine.  I did go out once and chew some ass though.  They were just chucking shingles into my flower bed and my hostas were getting smushed!!!  

Well, 2pm rolls around and I hear them scurrying around trying to get the tarp down.  BOOM!!!!  BOOOOOOM!!!!  BOOM!!!  They are chunking the shingle packages on top of the tarp.  I swear I thought someone or something was going to come thru our roof at any moment.  

So now it is POURING down rain.  Hubby says, "I hope they put that tarp down well so we don't get any leaks."  Fifteen minutes later, Emily walks in and says, "Ummm… is there a leak in my ceiling or is someone playing a game on me?"  We walk into her bedroom and there is water just pouring out thru her ceiling fan/light fixture.  OMG!!! I am soooo freaking out at this point.  I am trying to move anything out of the way that could possibly get messed up.  We grabbed buckets from Chris' shop and used those to catch the water.  

We go looking around the house to see if there are any other water spots or leaks appearing.  The garage has 5 BIG water spots.  I am thinking… OMG!!! All of Chris machine shope stuff…  AARRGGHH!!!  My studio is of course seperate from the house and I know the ceiling on it is good. Still, I check in just in case. 

Well, around 30 mins or so later the rain has slowed and the foreman and his guys are back. Chris goes out and talks to the guy.  He comes in and takes a look and calls the big boss.  The big boss has been a great guy to deal with over the phone thus far, so I figure we will have no problem getting this taken care of.  Sure enough, within the hour he has a contractor here to take a look at the damage that has been done.  The "big guy" from the roofing company is going to pay to get those areas fixed.  

Then today (24 hours later), I walk outside and am packaging up items to ship.  Chris is outside with the dogs and says, "Honey, what happened to the side of your roof?"  WHAT!!!!  OMG!!!  Apparently the dingleberrys chunked something off of our house roof and hit my building with it.  Where it hit was a metal strip that runs down the siding on the corner.  They dented that and pushed one of my shingles up as well.   Oooohhh!!! It has been a tough 24 hours, let me say!!!  I called my mom and I was just bawling.  All I could think of was OUR HOUSE!!!  I cannot imagine not having it.  I mean I know we want to move to something bigger and nicer soon, but in the meantime it is HOME!!!  

So anyway, the "big guy" is supposed to come and take a look at the finished job tomorrow or Monday.  Chris was on the roof after the guys left too and noticed they stepped on one of the vents and just left it that way.  MORONS!!!  So I don't know what they will do about that.   All I can say is that I am happy we have a new roof so if a tornado does come or hail or anything major happens, I know it is not  the old roof and the chances are better that we will not have any problems with it blowing shingles into the yard like last round.  

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Studio clean up…

Well, it has been awhile since I posted. With hubby home from surgery and daughter home for summer is kind crazy around here. I have been busy cleaning out the studio all day today. Eliminating, organizing, and just trying to figure out "where the heck does this go???". How do I have my stuff organized? Well, I have 3 little "tool drawer" shelves that hold all of my small gadgets. Each drawer is numbered for now, but will have a name on it later. Right now the # coincides with a number in the notebook I have on my desk.

Then for my large 12×12 sheets and other color sheets I have a stacking drawer system. I I like the ROY G BIV system personally. For those of you who are not familiar with that, it is the spectrum of the rainbow colors ~

Drawer 1 R= Reds and pinks

2 O= Oranges and hues of oranges

3 Y= Yellow, ochres

4 G= Greens, limes, etc…

5 B= Blues, turqoise, aqua, etc…

6 I= Indigo (which for me I place all of my purpleish sheets in this drawer and then I use the V drawer for something else… read below…)

7 V= should stand for violet… however as stated above, I use my "I" for all of my violets. This "V" drawer is for all of my vintage looking stuff, browns, sepias, and dreamy cream vintage looking stuff…

and then of course I have an 8th drawer that is not on the rainbow spectrum, but a necessity none the less…

8 = black ~ solid black, checkered black, striped black… you get the picture…

Next I have a filing system by theme for all of my angels, fairys, bugs, travel, love, dictionary cutouts, etc… And those are just plain manila folders in ABC order in a filing cabinet. Sometimes I don't know which category to put something in, but usually I can figure it out.

Rubberstamps, things to alter, and all of my other goodies like that are in a cabinet or on a shelf waiting to be used. Up in my loft I have a huge tub full of fabric… what I am going to do with it… I have no idea just yet. I need to do something with it. hehe….

Taking the rubberstamp thing one step further, I decided today that I am going to take all of my unmounted stamps and put them into old VCR tape cases (the ones that "clamp" close. First I stamped the image onto a 3×5 card with the title and who it is by (such as Scratchy Numbers by thatstoreoverthere) and then put each of the stamps into the case (several will fit in one). I then numbered the case and named it and then I can go thru my little 3×5 deck to find my stamp I want.

Ink colors I did the same thing with. I stamped the ink on a 3×5 with the name and brand it is and then filed it into my 3×5 deck (once again using the ROY G BIV system). This way I won't repurchase the pad, only the ink refiller.

That's not everything in the studio. Alot is in shoebox tubs like glitters, twinkling H20, a tub full of birds and nests that I got, etc… But for now it is all numbered in the notebook so I can at least find it.

Boy do I sound OCD??? LOL… Hubby says I am becoming that way. I am actually just wanting to get things organized. I feel so good inside right now… exercising, losing weight, and taking good care of my body… I guess now I want the outside to express that too. 🙂

Would love to hear feedback on how you organize your goodies…

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend.


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Artwords Entry: BALANCE

This weeks Artwords theme is BALANCE.   

This is a digital collage set that I did last year.  The first one is all about BALANCE so I thought I would share it.  Hope you like them. These are actually 8×8" prints that I still have available for purchase on cardstock or gloss.  If you are interested, email me. 🙂

Rule #1 



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I Bruise Easily…

I heard this song the other day while running around in my car and I was in tears!!! I cannot figure out how to download a video or anything to this blog, but here is a link to the video… Before you watch it though, just read the lyrics:

I Bruise Easily by Natasha Beddingfield:

My skin is like a map, of where my heart has been And I can't hide the marks, but it's not a negative thing
So I let down my guard, drop my defences, down by my clothes
I'm learning to fall, with no safety net, to cushion the blow

I bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me
There's a mark you leave, like a love heart carved on a tree
I bruise easily, can't scratch the surface without moving me
Underneath I bruise easily, I bruise easily

I found your finger prints on a glass of wine
Do you know your leaving them all over this heart of mine too
If I never take this leap of faith I'll never know
So I'm learning to fall with no safety net to cushion the blow

I bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me
There's a mark you leave, like a love heart carved on a tree
I bruise easily, can't scratch the surface without moving me
Underneath I bruise easily, I bruise easily

Anyone who, can touch you, can hurt you, or heal you
Anyone who, can reach you, can love you, or leave you

So be gentle
So be gentle
So be gentle
So be gentle

I bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me
There's a mark you leave, like a love heart carved on a tree
I bruise easily, can't scratch the surface without moving me
Underneath I bruise easily, I bruise easily

I bruise easily, so be gentle when you handle me
There's a mark you leave, like a love heart carved on a tree
I bruise easily, can't scratch the surface without moving me
Underneath I bruise easily, I bruise easily

I bruise easily
I bruise easily

…and here is the video link:

I was so inspired by it, I had to create a piece. The heart part is not done drying yet, it should be clear when it is done. But here is a pic for you to see… just click on the little thumbnail below…

And here are the thumbs two other pieces I created this weekend as well.  Please leave feedback.  I would love to hear what you think.


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Mothers Day full of Fairies & Fun…

   What a beautiful Mothers Day.  Not only was it my day, it was my daughters birthday!!!  Thirtheen years ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who is now a beautiful young woman!  WOW!!! Time flies!!!  It was  a great day.  We woke up and went to breakfast / lunch as a family and then came back to the house.  There I discovered a couple of nice green packages with beautiful green ribbons.  Those I have come to recognize as gift wrap.  hehe I open the first one and it is "Fairie-ality" from the House of Ellwand.  If you have not seen this book, it is a must!!!  This man, David Ellwand, has taken all of these items from nature and turned them into fairy clothing.  OMG!!! IT IS GORGEOUS!!! Then to top it all off, David has a new book out called "Cinderlily" and I got that one too.  Attached were the cutest little cards and a pic from the book… The cards read:  "For that extra flight of fancy" and "To the sprite in my life"… AWWW!!!!  Needless to say, I was just in awe.  I hope all of my "mommy" friends had a beautiful day. Here are a few off the top of my head:

Izabella and her beautiful children

Becky and her beautiful children,

Stacie and her big boy Scout (love the wagon picture)

Kim and her son AJ 

and Mary and her son…

God Bless all the mothers out there… including my own. 🙂  Love you, Mom!!! 



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Okay, I have finally been tagged.  And here I thought I was safe  and sound hiding in my little corner.  Wellhere ya go:

In my fridge:

~skim milk

~green olives


~3 T-bones I have seasoned for tonite (Mothers Day and my daughters 13th birthday)

~filtered water

In my closet: 


~shoes galore

~my favorite India style skirts

~light, soft India style shirts

~old yearbooks

In my purse:

~my WW books



~some little tag I found on the ground for my altered art

~buttloads of change that need to be emptied out

In my car: 

~affirmation post its

~"7 habits of highly effective people" … to re-read when I have nothing to do 

~CD's (Evanescence, Plumb, Natasha Beddingfield, Cher, and Daniel Powter)
~a little sketch journal (in case I forget mine and need something to doodle in

~an angel air oil refill air freshener hanging from my mirror

Now to think of 5 peeps I know who have not been tagged… hmmm…

Michelle ~ 

Becky ~


Mary Haldeman

my lil sista Tillie



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Filling your cup…

One of my little obsessions is a “reality” show called STARTING OVER. On this show, there are 6 women in the house, each going through different things in her life. The life coaches use different techniques to help the women understand what they are doing and why and how they can change the “behaviors” that have been ground into them over the years. One of the things that really got me the other day was when Iyanla Vanzant (life coach) was helping Jodi (member of the house) to understand that she can give and give and give, but as long as she is also getting in return then there is always more to give. Iyanla had Jodi filling up all of these cups and then naming them with things she had learned: humility, acceptance, patience, etc… And then proceeded to pour the small cups into a very large one. Soon it was overflowing.

Sometimes I feel pulled in so many directions. Daughter complains about dad, dad complains about daughter, dad complains because this was not done, daughter needs this (tell me at the last minute)… and it goes on day after day. I think the only thing that keeps my head above water is my art. I can fill my own cup over and over again when I am sitting there in the studio doing my art. I don’t mean for that to sound selfish… I hope it doesn’t. Sometimes I just feel so lost, like I don’t know who I am anymore.

Hubby being the homebody that he is… and me wanting to get out and go to concerts in the park, go see a play…I had given up on what I wanted. But I have decided that I cannot do that anymore. I have to enjoy my life the way I want. If that means going to the concert in the park alone, then so be it… if it means going to the play alone… then so be it… But I have to get something out of my life besides being wrapped up in being Mrs. Bailey… I have to live!!! There are so many things I want to do. And losing the weight is only a part of that new beginning. With it comes more energy so that I can do the things I want to do and not feel like everyone is looking at me and saying all the negative words that have been shoved into my own head.

Back in March I attended a Womens AA Conference with my mom. I went because it was my moms 10th year and I wanted to be able to celebrate that with her. One day while it was a quiet time and no Al-Anon meetings going on, I decided to sit out at the picnic table at the lodge and just doodle in my journal. A few people came by and most just smiled and said hi and went on by. But this one woman came over and we just started talking. She was asking me about my art journal, what I do in it, etc…We sat there for a good 2 hours I guess. Jonny (I don’t want to give her real name for respect of her privacy) and I began talking about how you perceive that people see you. I could not believe I was pouring all this out to her. It was like we had known one another forever. I told her that when I first meet people, I feel that all they see is my weight and their thoughts are FAT COW or COUCH POTATO or whatever. Now remind you… this is a teeny tiny maybe 90 lb woman who has been thru hell and is really working the AA program. She took my hand and said to me, “When I saw you yesterday, the first thing I noticed were your eyes twinkling and your smile. You were welcoming everyone in with that smile. It made me want to go and talk to you.” I was in awe. No one had ever said that to me before.

It made me see that all the negative talk and backlashing in my head is there because I allowed it to stay there. I cannot do that anymore. In order for me to be there to fill someone elses cup, or to allow them to be there to fill mine, I have to OPEN UP and receive them.

Speaking of positive things… I am now off to Weight Watchers for my official weigh in. Wish me luck!!!

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Doing the happy dance!!!

OMG!!! I am so freaking out!!! I just got back from my meeting and I lost 8 lbs this week. I thought I had royally screwed up yesterday because I ran and grabbed some breakfast before seeing my bookkeeper. How did I know there were 18 points in a freakin breakfast burrito!!! OMG. But I told myself that I know I had at least still done 5 pounds. I actually had to stand up and say what I was doing in front of everyone. I said that I know the biggy for me is the fact that I am drinking 74 oz of water everyday whereas before I was drinking about 74 oz of PEPSI everyday. I am sooo excited. I got this red bookmark looking thing that says "I lost 5 lbs" and on the bottom it has a -8. I don't think they have lb by lb so they had to give me the closest thing. I am going to attach it to my t-shirt that I got and keep all my "prizes" on there. hehe… SOOOOOOOO HAPPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Creepy Guy or just Coincidence???

Okay so about a week ago I was home alone during the afternoon and someone knocks on the door. I had just let the dogs outside so the dogs did not hear the knock and go into spastic barking fits. I peeped thru the hole and saw 2 guys standing there. I will not open the door to anyone when I am home alone, particularly males. So, I said, "Yes. Can I help you?" "Uh yeah, your neighbor sent us down here. We were just showing them some new glass cleaner and they said you might be interested." Yeah what a ploy!!! I said no thanks.

And he said, "Well, just watch this." I am still watching thru the peephole mind you. He sprays something out of a generic looking bottle onto our glass screen window and then rubs it off. "See, no streak marks. And watch this (gets mouth close up to screen and fogs it up with his breath) no marks left there! So what do you think? Do you want some?"

ME: "No, thank you. I am not interested."

HIM: "Oh, why not?"

ME: "I am just not interested and I am busy right now. Have a nice day."

HIM: "Oh… I see, your in there having a little fun huh. Well, we will let you two go and have your fun. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do."

Okay after that lewd remark I am flipping. I call Chris and he says to call the police. So I did. An officer showed up on my doorstep about 15 minutes later and said he had just talked to the "men" and they said that they understood I was not interested and had just said, "Have a nice day!" but I don't believe that was all there was too it just by the way they were acting.

I proceeded to tell him what had said and done and he told me that they had had to leave anyway because they did not have a license to sell here in Moore.

Fast Forward to News at 10 last nite… Several homes in the Moore area have been broken into. In one of the homes, the guy stole the womans checkbook and they had him on video in the bank attempting to cash the check. Well, I have to say he looked JUST LIKE THAT A$$H@LE that came knocking on my door. So they give you a number to call if you have any information to share. Hubby said to share it. I called this morning and the investigator did not seem to care really. He said, "Okay, thanks. I will make a note of that." Like oh okay… whatever…

So now I have the dogs inside with me (it's getting too darn hot outside anyway for them to be out running around). Kinda creepy though to think… what if???

Oh and on a side note… I snuck on the scales this morning just to see how I am doing before I go weigh in tomorrow… I am down 6.6 lbs from last FRIDAY!!!  ((DOING THE HAPPY DANCE))

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